Finally, a blog worth reading

Those of you who used to read our old blog (all 3 of you) will notice that there've been a few changes. Three of us have managed to crawl under the corporate radar and have taken control. The MD is going to kill us when he finds out.

We don't know if you'd noticed, but there's this new fangled thing called the internet which is super handy for connecting people, finding amusing stories and bringing up to the minute tech news - we thought it was about time we started using it properly.

So crack open the champagne, make sure the boss isn't looking and hold on to your badgers - the IWOOT blog is ready for launch.

43 thoughts on “Finally, a blog worth reading

  1. Lee

    Me misses and dogs make 12 if i wake up the othe 9 rescues that would make 21 take care you guys and say hi to the dogs for us.

  2. Janie

    Found my way here, even though i was trying to find the bit about winning an iphone by carving a pumpkin, (i’m really good at pumpking carving!!)

  3. Name TP

    Some wicked stuff in your shop, I’m looking forward to giving what i’ve ordered to a great mate, hope he likes it.. oh and nice to find a company who have a good service with humour and cheek thrown in for good measure, keep up the good work.. :O )

  4. Tim

    Great number 23…. This is taking the world by storm. How about everybody who leaves a comment gets put into a draw to win an iphone….

    What a great idea I think i deserve a free iphone for comming up with that idea….

  5. Paul

    24 here, saw Iwoot again on Five Tv ‘s the gadget show in the uk – how can we enter their comps online? answer… so far we can’t unless you know different. the answer is a) btw

  6. Name Leonora

    Your Message.
    26? 27? At my age you forget so easily!

    I am probably the only 72 year old granny reading this;
    but you guys at Iwoot should know that you have saved my dodgy relationship with my elder, (45 year old) son.
    In the past, I always gave him mumsy prezzies – you know, hand knitted sweaters, books, life.
    But this year, I gave him your amazing telescopic fishing rod. He was ecstatic!
    So thanks to all at Iwoot –
    Leonora Wyatt

  7. Andy B

    Stumbled across this blog by accident. Love the website and buy loads (probably too much) stuff from you. Some exclusive news and updates on here would be great! That is as long as my missus doesn’t catch mr spending again!!


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