Ice Lolly Experiments Example 1

Right. Here we go.

Thanks to the incredible power of the Zoku Instant Ice Lolly Maker, we've been having some Monday afternoon fun. As we promised last week, our Ice Lolly experimenting has gone into overdrive and we've sampled some slightly bizarre but wonderful flavours, as pictorially represented below. The best bit? The fact that it only takes seven minutes for the lollies to be ready. Yum.

We went for three separate flavours - Frijj with chocolate bits, Lucozade and Kopparberg.


That's right. Frijj.

The Frijj gets an indifferent reaction from DannyWoot...


Though JimboWoot seems pretty chuffed with it...


JennaWoot noms on a Lucozade Lolly (not a euphemism)...


But what's the best one?


Kopparberg of course! Delish!

Some of these froze better than others (the chocolate one was pretty quick, the other two took about 10-15 minutes to be properly frozen), but the fact that they're made without having to faff around with moulds in the freezer more than makes up for it.

More to come across the week...

3 thoughts on “Ice Lolly Experiments Example 1

  1. Karen McNab

    Yum, yum, yum……. as your favourite Tweeter (self appointed, but hey! A girls’s gotta try!), I think you should send your second hand Lolly Maker my way as a gesture of love and appreciation for endless support and I will endeavour, with my children of course, to try as many different flavours as I can over the holidays….
    JD, Vodka, Black Russian. Strawberry Dacquiri you name it, I’ll try it!

    Kazzer xxxx

  2. Danny Woot

    Well, we’ve got a fair few more ice lollies to try out before we’re done with it Karen, but we’ll see!

    And other Karen, you really must try a Kopparberg lolly. Fantastic stuff.


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