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Spectrum Vega console making a comeback?


Nostalgia alert! Listen up gaming fans, you are not going to want to miss out on this! You remember the 8 bit games you used to play on your telly, right? Well, you are going to be able to re-live your childhood for endless hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS!

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Rocking Around the Christmas Tree | Party Essentials

With the ultimate party season upon us it’s about time to make sure you have everything you need to throw the biggest get together of the year. Whether you are having an intimate party with close friends, or throwing a massive do for everyone and their neighbour, here at IWOOT we have listed our must haves to ensure your festive celebrations are unbeatable.

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Top 5 Smart Phone Gadget Gifts

With synth rings tones, small two tone screens and plastic keypads features of yesteryear, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories that celebrate the touch screen mobile phone. If you are after Christmas gift ideas for men, women and children or simply after some added stocking fillers and secret santa gifts, than you can’t go wrong by picking up some iPhone gadgets here at IWOOT. Here are just some of our favourites gadget gifts.

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Silhouette Harlequin Towels - Red

Hibernate In Style | Christmas Gifts for Your Home

With the temperature dropping, nights out getting more expensive and our favourite films creeping onto the TV, sometimes staying in is just the better option. Whether you are entertaining Christmas guests or snuggling down for winter, we have a variety of home gifts to suit every room and occasion.

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Golly Gosh! | Retro Christmas Gift Ideas

We love it when styles and favourite signature items from the past come back into fashion. It gives us the chance to blow the dust off the items in the attic and fill our lives with retro chic.

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Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts from IWOOT!

Now we’ve all committed this crime at one time or another: forgotten about Father’s Day. Here at IWOOT, whether you’ve planned a present well in advance or have left it kind of last minute, we know that we have an amazing Father’s Day gift selection sure to please any Padre. This blog piece is dedicated to you last minute buyers, so don’t panic! We’ve selected five of our personal favourites from our Father’s Day gift selection, just to help you out.


Every Dad has done this before. It’s only natural for men once they reach a certain age to break one of fashion’s cardinal rules by wearing socks with sandals. Not even short socks, either. Save him the trouble by investing in a pair of these sandal-printed socks, sure to tickle the whole family’s funny bone.


2. Mr. Beer Premium Home Microbrewery System

Practically every Father on the planet loves to kick back and relax with a tall, cold pint of beer, whether it be at home or at the pub. Give him a gift that keeps on giving with this Home Microbrewery System by Mr. Beer, so that he can brew his own pints at home for those nights he fancies staying in. Labcoat and goggles optional.


3. Golf Mug

The perfect gift for those Dads that love to get out and about on a golf course when the weather permits it, but we Brits know that is hardly ever the case. This mug is also a nifty little present for a Father that tends to get a little bored at work, but we won’t tell the Boss if you don’t!


4. Steel Ice Cubes

What do you get the Father that has everything? Why, Steel Ice Cubes of course! These ingeniously designed cubes freeze faster than your average cube, and with their metal holding, they manage to stay colder for longer as well, guaranteeing your Dad’s drink will get cool and stay cool with the help of these little guys!


5. First Class Dad Mug

When all else fails, go for the classic with twist: the First Class Dad mug. A spin on the original “World’s Best Dad”, this mug is a great way to express how much you appreciate your old man, without things getting on the mushy side. You can never go wrong with a trusty mug.


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‘Remember that time when…’ IWOOT rewinds to the good times.

We all remember those times when things were easy, worries were absent and times were fun… (Ahhhh…sigh!) The IWOOT team have gone all nostalgic, so join us as we take a trip down memory lane and dust off our Betamax’s and Sinclair C5’s to embrace a retro revival.


We love retro

Whether it be by telegram or pigeon post, email or twitter we want to hear from you. Share your favourite childhood memories and post your cringe-worthy retro pictures! Our favourite wins an awesome retro prize (and we don’t mean an old 50p piece)! 


Remember that time when we had mobile phones bigger than our briefcases?

’80s Retro iPhone Case

'80s Retro iPhone Case

There was no chance of leaving those things in a bar, or losing it in your own handbag.  We thought it was the most extraordinary creation; a phone that you could carry around! Who knew that the mobile phone, born in 1973 weighing two kilos would be the demise of these….

Mayfair Retro Phones 

Mayfair Retro Phones

Remember that time when we played games without the interference of technology?

                                                 Rubix’s Speaker

  Rubik's Speaker

Games and toys were simple and straightforward and would keep us entertained or just perplexed for hours. We didn’t need a friendship with batteries, electricity or power for that matter… Those that did were beyond impressive (or only available to the Royal family!)

 The Rubix cube became one of the most popular games of its time and an icon during the 1980’s.  Luckily, this one comes in the shape of a mug, so you can relax with a biscuit rather than endure the frustration of solving the thing!

Remember that time when our hoovers had names?

Henry the Hoover

Henry the Hoover             

OK, we hear you already. Henry is still alive and well and so is Hetty for that matter, Henrys pink companion.  We thought this delightful duo definitely needed a mention; created in 1981 our lovable bright red dirt demolishing friend has brought a smile to faces around the world.

Remember that time when you got a Big Trak for Christmas and you were the happiest kid alive?



In 1979, children’s faces lit up when the coolest toy in town could remember up to 16 commands whilst firing its photon beam headlamp. Cool or what? Since we got our grubby IWOOT hands on the new one, nothing much has changed since the good ole days. It’s good enough just to relive the fun you had all them years ago with your dearest 80’s companion .

Remember that time we used to use cassettes? Oddly, remember that time we used to use CD’s!

Cassette Notes

Cassette Notes

Rewind for a bit, fast forward a little bit more. Stop. Play. Now rewind for a bit, stop. Play. Fast forward…remember the days? Yes and we don’t miss them one little bit. If we worked out how much time we wasted rewinding, fast forwarding, pausing, playing and stopping, we would be as ancient as these retro replicas. Luckily these notepads don’t play Cliff Richard but will turn a few heads.

Remember that time when we had 1 hour of P.E in school EVERYDAY!

Retro Sweet Chewbz 

Retro Sweet Chewbz

P.E in schools…and lots of it. Probably to burn off all those retro sweets we used to eat. Refreshers, Flumps, Black Jack, Fruit Salad, Sherbet Fountain, WHAM, Candy Sticks, Popping Candy…all the classics from your childhood tuck shop. Mmmm!

Remember that time when our computer games involved Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Pacman?

 Pac Man And Ghost Wind Ups 

Pac Man And Ghost Wind Ups

You can’t get any more retro than these little beauties. You must remember them well.  Pacman was released in 1979 as an alternative to Space Invaders and is one of the longest running video game franchises from the era of video arcade games. Instantly recall all the dedicated hours (and not a wasted moment) you spent battling for the top position whilst your thumb and forefingers indented to the shapes of the buttons during lengthy space attacks…

   Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers

It’s a shame we don’t play the license plate game on long road trips anymore, or pretend we are power rangers in the playground. We don’t want to take over the world like we used to, it’s now almost impossible to become a Princess when we grow up and can’t play out till dark.

Why not take a look at our retro section and with a little help from your friends at IWOOT, we can help relieve your memories and recreate your retro past… 

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