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Dogs that have more followers than you on Instagram

Happy International Dog Day everybody! Now take a paws from what you are doing & have a look through our IWOOT run down of our favorite Instagram dogs…

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3 Famous Fathers to celebrate this Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day we celebrate the dads in our lives and the love and support they’ve shown us throughout our lives. However, seeing as Father’s Day was only invented in 1909, whole generations of great fathers haven’t been celebrated. In this guide we aim to celebrate 3 great ‘fathers’ who never got to experience their own Father’s Day.

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Perfect Valentine’s Movies As Picked by IWOOT

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! If you have made it today without getting a gift for your loved one then don’t panic, there is still time to pull it out the bag for this weekend. Why not cook up a romantic meal over this weekend, or arrange a last minute romantic get away? Whatever you plan to do, with some creative thought you could still arrange the perfect gesture this Valentine’s day.

If you have both had a long week and fancy a quiet weekend in together then how about renting a romantic classic to laugh, cry and swoon through together? To give you inspiration, we here at IWOOT have pulled together our favourite romantic movies for you to consider.

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Do something different | Valentine’s Day

A special day for every couple, Valentine’s Day this year needn’t follow the generic pattern of buying roses, weird socks and dinner at whichever restaurant has a reservation left. Why not do something unique and get some Valentine’s gifts that you’ll always remember.

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Oh, I Wasn’t Expecting That | Unusual Gift Ideas

‘Oh, some more socks for work! Thank you’. Some of us can pull off a convincingly pleased response when we receive a Christmas gift we were completely expecting. OK, so you may actually be pleased you won’t have to go to work in holey socks anymore, but sometimes it is better to open a gift and be surprised, even if it is (for every day purposes) useless!

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cookie warmer

Editor’s Pick: Winter Warmers | IWOOT Blog

It may be cold outside, but the battle against cold weather rages on. We’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Office Picks that we guarantee will keep you warm and make the perfect Gift this winter. Promise. Did we mention that we’re offering 10% off Winter Warmers until 31/10/13? Shop here: http://bit.ly/17iJ2Nt and Use Code: Cosy


Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

We think we’ve found the antidote to cold tea and coffee. The Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer. Sometimes when you need to take a break – life just gets in the way. So keep your beverage warm until you’re ready to drink it with this USB Cup Warmer. This clever little device will keep your brew warm for up to 30 minutes longer than usual. Just plug the device into your computer or laptop, place your cup on top and enjoy. Here at IWOOT, we’re never short of offering you gift ideas and we think it will make a great Stocking Filler or Birthday Gift.

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National Smile Week at IWOOT!

It’s National Smile Week, so we here at IWOOT have put together our favourite products that make us smile, just for you to enjoy! Take a look at our selection by clicking here. Enjoy some of our highlights, shown below!

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Top 5 Funky Kitchen Picks!

Top 5 Funky Kitchen Picks!

Looking for a way to brighten up a dreary kitchen, or liven up your cooking? Then you need to know about our Kitchen selection at I Want One Of Those! We’ve picked our Top 5 favourite kitchen accessories to showcase what our Kitchen range really can offer, no matter what recreational activity you like to do in the kitchen. Plus, for a limited time only, we’re offering 15% off when you use discount code KIT15! Click here to see our Kitchen range!

1. Dig Ins Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Dig Ins Cookie Cutters are delightful dino-shaped treats. These cutters are absolutely perfect for the baking aficionado of the household, and are sure to make any delicious tasting cookie even tastier! Inject a little bit more fun into baking with these ingenious little cutters, and maybe even get the younger members of the family involved. No child can resist baking a rawring cookie treat!

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Top 5 Festival Picks!

Here at IWOOT, we’ve put together a collection of our Festival Essentials, where you can find everything from tents, to wellies, and even inflatable furniture. With Glastonbury happening this weekend, and Leeds and Reading and more just around the corner, it’s safe to say that Festival Season is well and truly underway. So get prepared with a few choice items from IWOOT:

1. What A Melon Tent

Don’t be a lemon, and plan ahead by making sure you have this What A Melon Tent! Easily recognisable from a distance (very important if you ever lose where you pitched your tent!), this tent is an absolute essential if you want to stay fairly warm and dry when surviving a festival. Comes complete with classic ‘A’ frame storm tent construction, so you know you’ll be able to weather the weather this year. Pre-order it now.


2. Emergency Phone Charger

“Why have I never owned one of these before?!” I hear you cry. Well, I have absolutely no idea. This Emergency Phone Charger does exactly what it says on the tin: charges your phone in an emergency, such as losing your friends at a festival and needing to call them IMMEDIATELY so you can find them.


3. Fame & Fortune Women’s Welly

Of course, no expedition to a festival would be complete without a pair of trusty wellies! Guaranteed that even if the weather stays bright and sunny all weekend long (which is highly doubtful), the amount of people trudging around the field, plus drink spillage, will result in endless mud as far as the eyes can see. Wellies are a necessity, always. Try out this pair from Fame & Fortune on our website.


4. Giant Hip Flask

What would a festival be without alcohol? Not a festival, that’s what! To reduce the risk of losing your precious, severely-overpriced festival booze, or the booze you brought from home, make it portable, spill and break-free with the help of this giant hip flask! Due to its size and sturdiness, this flask will surely be your go-to for alcohol during your festival.


5. LED Scout Storm Lantern

Guarantee that you’ll never lose your friends or items with this Lantern from IWOOT! Out in the campsites, without any natural or artificial light to see by, it’s really easy to drop your all important phone, money, trip up over tent wires, lose your way back to your tent, and many more things! Ensure none of these misfortunes happen to you with this much needed festival lamp light. Perfect for adventuring out and about or playing ring of fire in your tent in the evening.


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Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts from IWOOT!

Now we’ve all committed this crime at one time or another: forgotten about Father’s Day. Here at IWOOT, whether you’ve planned a present well in advance or have left it kind of last minute, we know that we have an amazing Father’s Day gift selection sure to please any Padre. This blog piece is dedicated to you last minute buyers, so don’t panic! We’ve selected five of our personal favourites from our Father’s Day gift selection, just to help you out.


Every Dad has done this before. It’s only natural for men once they reach a certain age to break one of fashion’s cardinal rules by wearing socks with sandals. Not even short socks, either. Save him the trouble by investing in a pair of these sandal-printed socks, sure to tickle the whole family’s funny bone.


2. Mr. Beer Premium Home Microbrewery System

Practically every Father on the planet loves to kick back and relax with a tall, cold pint of beer, whether it be at home or at the pub. Give him a gift that keeps on giving with this Home Microbrewery System by Mr. Beer, so that he can brew his own pints at home for those nights he fancies staying in. Labcoat and goggles optional.


3. Golf Mug

The perfect gift for those Dads that love to get out and about on a golf course when the weather permits it, but we Brits know that is hardly ever the case. This mug is also a nifty little present for a Father that tends to get a little bored at work, but we won’t tell the Boss if you don’t!


4. Steel Ice Cubes

What do you get the Father that has everything? Why, Steel Ice Cubes of course! These ingeniously designed cubes freeze faster than your average cube, and with their metal holding, they manage to stay colder for longer as well, guaranteeing your Dad’s drink will get cool and stay cool with the help of these little guys!


5. First Class Dad Mug

When all else fails, go for the classic with twist: the First Class Dad mug. A spin on the original “World’s Best Dad”, this mug is a great way to express how much you appreciate your old man, without things getting on the mushy side. You can never go wrong with a trusty mug.


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