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Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality - I Want One of Those

The IWOOT Guide To Cheap Virtual Reality Headsets

Remember the days when virtual reality seemed like some distant future, probably filled with murderous robots or strangely circular spaceships? Thankfully, we no longer need worry about an impending robot apocalypse interrupting our 3D fun. With the advent of the Oculus Rift and it’s many competitors (like Sony’s Project Morpheus) , virtual reality headsets are already a reality.

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Grab Yourself A Bargain | IWOOT Sale

If you’re a last minute person then you’ll be happy to know that the sale is officially in full swing and you can now get those last minute Christmas gifts with up to 70% off. Some might call us biased, but we think it’s the best sale to date – we’ve bags full of quirky little gifts, geeky gadgets and unusual presents for whoever you still need to buy for. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock… that’s the sound of the Christmas countdown, so grab yourself some bargains and order by 8pm with Next Day Delivery on 23rd December to get your gifts guaranteed in time for Christmas.

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Go Go Gadget Santa | Geeky Gadget Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for luxurious gifts for him or some little additional gifts for her, we have a wide range of gadget gifts and accessories to feast your festive eyes upon this Christmas. Ranging from cheap and chips to something a little more special, you are bound to find gathering Christmas gifts for your loved ones easy at our gadget shop. To give you an idea of what we have in store, see below for just some of our favourite gadget gift ideas.

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Roll the Dice | Board Games and Puzzles for Christmas

You have just had Christmas dinner, Dad has cracked open the Irish cream and there won’t be any decent films on the television for an hour or so. Income the board game! Whether you need to keep the kids entertained or you just want to enjoy some competitive banter, we have board games to suit everyone’s taste.

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house lamp

Top 4 Student Must Haves

Returning to study this fall? Then you have a few reasons to get excited. (No, not for those endless essays, tins-of-bake-bean-dinners or early 9am lectures). Here at IWOOT we’ve compiled a list of our favourite student Must Haves. You also get Free Standard Delivery with orders over £10 and Free Next Day Delivery with orders over £50. Perfect.


  1. Bookrest lamp

Just in case you actually manage to do some studying, you’ll love this house shaped lamp to rest your valuable text books on.  This quirky lamp features frosted glass that emits a soft light before bed, making your room ‘oh-so-cosy’.

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New In: Space Cookie Cutters

Treat your kitchen and your loved ones to these amazing Space Cookie Cutters from Suck UK here at IWOOT, and bake them space-themed treats whenever you like! Send them to the moon with your cookie baking skills and these fun and quirky cookie cutters, sure to please yourself and your kids should they want to help you bake!

These fantastic Space Cookie Cutters can help you and your kids make 3D space ships – simply cut the cookie dough up with the cutters, then after they’ve baked and cooled, simply slot them together for a space ship that will stand up on your plate! Make an out of this world treat for all the family with the help of these Space Cookie Cutters here at IWOOT, and collect all four sets: Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy.

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Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts from IWOOT!

Now we’ve all committed this crime at one time or another: forgotten about Father’s Day. Here at IWOOT, whether you’ve planned a present well in advance or have left it kind of last minute, we know that we have an amazing Father’s Day gift selection sure to please any Padre. This blog piece is dedicated to you last minute buyers, so don’t panic! We’ve selected five of our personal favourites from our Father’s Day gift selection, just to help you out.


Every Dad has done this before. It’s only natural for men once they reach a certain age to break one of fashion’s cardinal rules by wearing socks with sandals. Not even short socks, either. Save him the trouble by investing in a pair of these sandal-printed socks, sure to tickle the whole family’s funny bone.


2. Mr. Beer Premium Home Microbrewery System

Practically every Father on the planet loves to kick back and relax with a tall, cold pint of beer, whether it be at home or at the pub. Give him a gift that keeps on giving with this Home Microbrewery System by Mr. Beer, so that he can brew his own pints at home for those nights he fancies staying in. Labcoat and goggles optional.


3. Golf Mug

The perfect gift for those Dads that love to get out and about on a golf course when the weather permits it, but we Brits know that is hardly ever the case. This mug is also a nifty little present for a Father that tends to get a little bored at work, but we won’t tell the Boss if you don’t!


4. Steel Ice Cubes

What do you get the Father that has everything? Why, Steel Ice Cubes of course! These ingeniously designed cubes freeze faster than your average cube, and with their metal holding, they manage to stay colder for longer as well, guaranteeing your Dad’s drink will get cool and stay cool with the help of these little guys!


5. First Class Dad Mug

When all else fails, go for the classic with twist: the First Class Dad mug. A spin on the original “World’s Best Dad”, this mug is a great way to express how much you appreciate your old man, without things getting on the mushy side. You can never go wrong with a trusty mug.


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Kick ass, take-no-prisoners, juiced-up super magnets named ’21st century LEGO’

Described by Time Magazine as “21st century LEGO” Nanodots are set to be the next big craze to hit the UK. Nanodots, named the world’s strongest magnets, can be set into any comprehendible shape allowing you to build almost anything from 3D spheres to cubes. Specifically engineered to be the ideal size, strength and consistency to build complex geometric structures, Nanodots have received global media attention; Wall Street Journal naming them ‘addicting dots of magnetic fun.’

Fun is exactly what Nanodots are and with no flashing lights, batteries or computer chips they’re a refreshing change from digital fun which is becoming indispensable. You only need to watch the video for these things to be absolutely fascinated. Nanodots are available in four colours. Get yours now!


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The new App Gear toys that interact with downloadable apps! Cool!? Yes, we know.

If you haven’t heard of these yet, where have you been? Gaming reality just got way more awesome with AppGear, a mobile app technology that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. Remember when we once all thought the ultimate gaming experience was a piece of string and a conker? How things change eh? We’re a million (maybe even a trillion) miles away from that now.

Recently toys and electronics have converged to create a fun and engaging way to utilise the newest technology such as smartphone and tablets. A couple of years ago we could have argued that toys would take a backseat to the influx of awesome gadgets and apps we had suddenly available to us – now they enhance it. Everyone loves a happy ending.

So what do they actually do? We hear you say. AppGear is an innovative line of apps that interact with collectible toys, which attach to your smartphone to enable gaming interaction. Take 3D cinema as a rather poor example, you’re watching the film yet you feel like you’re in the film, with App Gear you’re playing the game and you feel like you’re in the game- a beautiful mixture of fantasy and reality.

The range of AppGear games can be played on an iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android device and is FREE (yes, free) to download. Waheey! App Gear brings gaming to reality and is anticipated to be the best new tech in 2012.

App Gear is recommended for ages 9+ but the games are definitely not restricted to kids. There’s plenty of scope for adult App Gear addicts too.  At IWOOT HQ, Josh (our resident Merchandiser) cannot be beaten at Zombie Burbz, we’ve bet our lunch money plenty of times and had to go hungry.

You can expect to see a lot more of this blending of real-world toys and digital apps in the years ahead, especially with more children having access to devices. Check out the stats below…

– 52% of children own their own app capable device (68% of 6-8s, 32% of 3-5s)

– 8% of children own their own iPhone (11% other app capable smart phones)

– 20% have an iPod Touch (12% of 3-5 year olds)

– 9% have their own iPad (6% of 3-5 year olds

We genuinely think App Gear is totally awesome but don’t just take our word for it…AppGear was first presented at The Toy Fair 2012 and received a fantastic reaction. Jason Bradbury, presenter on the Gadget Show took to Twitter to share his excitement tweeting “Wowwee getting into seriously fun app/toys with AppGear.” He’s not the only one, check out reviews from MSN online and Easier Technology below.

“Best tech toy for 2012” MSN online

“AppGear wows Toy Fair as best new tech” Easier Technology

Fancy a nosey? We now have Zombie Burbz and Foam Fighters in stock ranging from £9.99 to £12.99, they’re available here

Competition Time!!!

Don’t fret we have plenty more coming soon including Alien Jailbreak, Mysterious Raygun, Akodomon, Elite ComandAR and Doctor Who. Which one will you choose? For the chance to win ‘Zombie Burbz’ tell us what type of devices App Gear can be used on.

A With iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android devices

B With a bat and ball

C With apiece of string and a conker

To enter this competition simply leave a comment below. Competition closes Friday 25th May, we will announce the winner on our blog and Facebook page.


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Zumba: The Review

When the rectangular white box arrived I was a happy chappy, I never get anything in the post and when I do its usually speeding fines or credit card bills. I had a huge cartoon bubble hovering above my head with an image of my tight thighs, bulging biceps and toned abs. Perfect.

Although my stomach rumbled I quickly opened the box like a kid at Christmas, inside was a total body transformation guide. Right I said resolutely, this will be my Bible for the next two weeks; I will eat, sleep and think Zumba. To get me started the guide contained training tips, a stretch guide, a fat loss programme and much more. The pack also contained 4 DVDs and two big green batons that could have been mistaken for a couple of grown-up baby rattles.

The 4 DVDs were enticingly labelled……

  • Basics and 20 minute express (20 sweat..well actually hopefully so!)
  • Cardio party (I love a party….party on!)
  • Sculpt and tone (my body is a temple, my body is a temple)
  • Live! And flat abs (Flat Abs? I want rippling Abs)

The packs not only came in English but also Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. I quickly chose the English version, languages was never my forte, let’s hope Zumba is!

So let’s get to it….Pre party process included making sure that my flat was empty, I closed all the curtains and dimmed the lights, I wasn’t sure how bad I was going to be at this and I didn’t want any witnesses (however I did phone my Mum and ask her to call and check on me in an hour or 2! I’ve not done that since college)

Basics and 20 minute express

I was wondering how on earth I was going to cope with the quick moves and the fast music but the DVD took me through each step and the basics of them, very slowly. Some might argue too slowly but at least it was thorough, I was confident within minutes. The steps were simplified and really easy to manage. I can now declare I’m an expert in the ‘booty circle’ and the ‘diamond step.’

The DVD started with an introduction to the creator of Zumba which gave it a great personal touch. The presenters went through the routines enough times to get the hang of them. There were also handy hints throughout the DVD such as, ‘the higher your hands, the more calories you burn’ which I considered helpful and informative. I was aware how ridiculous I looked, I hadn’t taken dance lessons since I was 10 years old but I didn’t care, I was enjoying myself.

The steps were introduced which helped associate moves with their name. Marching between steps was encouraged which was a great way to keep moving whilst slowing the heart rate- at some points it was needed!

The 20 minute DVD was broken down into four sets of five minutes and concentrated on different dances which gave the workout variety and kept it interesting.


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