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While the weather is finally brightening up for the beginning of spring, it has been raining cats and dogs here at IWOOT with the roaring new animal theme found in our homeware range. We have a wide selection of different pieces that we believe will bring your bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen to life this springtime and we hope that this article will help you choose how to integrate these pieces into your home.

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April Fools Prank Ideas

So, how did you survive April Fools? We managed to get off lightly over here at IWOOT! To celebrate this day of pranks and jokes, we thought we would collect together some of our favourite pranks to give you inspiration for next year…or next week if your are feeling mischievous, who says you have to be cheeky just on April Fools!

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Winter Warmers

‘Frosty’, ‘damp’, ‘grey’ – ‘damn cold’. These are all words that could be used to describe the horrendous weather we all (in the northern hemisphere, at least) must endure at this time of the year. As we slowly approach February like a septuagenarian attempting to cross an icy intersection, we’re all still stuck in the depths of winter. What better time, then, to indulge in a plethora of great gift ideas to make those two ultimate winter warmers: Tea and Coffee?

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Oh, I Wasn’t Expecting That | Unusual Gift Ideas

‘Oh, some more socks for work! Thank you’. Some of us can pull off a convincingly pleased response when we receive a Christmas gift we were completely expecting. OK, so you may actually be pleased you won’t have to go to work in holey socks anymore, but sometimes it is better to open a gift and be surprised, even if it is (for every day purposes) useless!

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BFF Gifts | Gifts For Your Best Pals

Still not got your Christmas shopping sorted? No need to panic, here at IWOOT we’re never short of gift ideas so we’ve put together a list of the most popular gifts for your pals. Whether you’re buying a gift for her or a gift for him, you’ll find the perfect Christmas treat for them from the list below.  

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bow tie cat

Halloween… For Your Pets | IWOOT BLOG

Okay so when you get old – dressing up for Halloween might be more hassle than fun, but you’ve got to admit that dressing up your cat or dog is a blast no matter what your age. When we say that at we provide gifts for everyone, we mean everyone. Cats and Dogs included! So if you’re looking for a Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for your pet (and why wouldn’t you!?), then look no further…

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National Smile Week at IWOOT!

It’s National Smile Week, so we here at IWOOT have put together our favourite products that make us smile, just for you to enjoy! Take a look at our selection by clicking here. Enjoy some of our highlights, shown below!

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Top 5 Funky Kitchen Picks!

Top 5 Funky Kitchen Picks!

Looking for a way to brighten up a dreary kitchen, or liven up your cooking? Then you need to know about our Kitchen selection at I Want One Of Those! We’ve picked our Top 5 favourite kitchen accessories to showcase what our Kitchen range really can offer, no matter what recreational activity you like to do in the kitchen. Plus, for a limited time only, we’re offering 15% off when you use discount code KIT15! Click here to see our Kitchen range!

1. Dig Ins Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Dig Ins Cookie Cutters are delightful dino-shaped treats. These cutters are absolutely perfect for the baking aficionado of the household, and are sure to make any delicious tasting cookie even tastier! Inject a little bit more fun into baking with these ingenious little cutters, and maybe even get the younger members of the family involved. No child can resist baking a rawring cookie treat!

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June Birthday Gifts – Top 5 Picks!

It’s pretty much a well known fact that you know at least one, or one hundred people who have summer birthdays. It’s just the weird fact that when June rolls around, suddenly everyone’s office is filled with cards and cake as we all celebrate yet another June birthday. There may only be a week or so left in the month, but we decided to put together a quick Top 5 Picks for June birthday gifts from what we’ve got on IWOOT. Take a look!

1. Katana Bookends

Ideal for the bookworm friend, these Katana bookends are sure to bring a little spice into anyone’s home! Whether your friend wants to add some finishing touches to their bookshelf, or are a martial arts enthusiast, these bookends are sure to please.


2. Vodka Bottle Ice Tray

Perfect for the party animal friend, this vodka bottle ice cube tray does exactly what it says on the tin, or tray as the case may be. An ideal accessory to bring out at a party for some laughs and to help make all the drinks nice and chilled. A win win situation!


3. Bad Egg Cup

More suited to the foodie friend, this Bad Egg Cup is just what a breakfast lover needs to add some quirkyness to their first meal of the day! Funny and kooky, this egg cup sits right at home on any breakfast table.


4. Social Like Tea Mug

Everyone likes a cuppa, so maybe you have a tea fiend friend who would just love this quirky mug to drink their brews in! A sure fire way to make that afternoon tea break just a little bit more social.


5. Hamburger Telephone

And, when all else fails, the Hamburger Telephone (a la Juno). A fantastic novelty gift designed to add a bit of burgery goodness to any home, and is a particularly good pairing with a birthday boy or girl who likes their home to be full of fun.


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Drum roll please… new and exclusive to IWOOT, we bring you FOUL FASHION…

You know here at IWOOT towers we love to embrace anything out of the ordinary. We also know that as a fan you love quirky products, talking points and fun fads. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement we’ve got just the thing. It’s sure to sell like it’s going out of fashion!

Foul Fashion Blazer

We have seen some pretty weird and wonderful outfits in our time but we have always held a special place in our hearts for all shirts floral, outrageous and let’s face it, bold but beautiful. I’m sure you could imagine the array of colours, print and styles going on in the IWOOT office the day these bad boys got delivered. It looked like a rainbow had exploded right before our eyes and we couldn’t help but smile when we pulled on a foul and funky frock (OK, granted there are no frocks but we thought that bit of alliteration worked pretty well).

Foul Fashion Trousers

So, ladies and gentlemen drum roll please… new and exclusive to IWOOT, we bring you Foul Fashion. Foul Fashion shares our sentiment for randomness and originality. It’s handsome and it’s damn right #awesome.  Foul Fashion takes an ensemble of materials from the world’s best known fabric producers (Chanel, Gucci…the people who make your Auntie’s curtains) and chucks them into an enormous mixer. This, along with the all-important Foul Fashion formula creates a funky but foul garment for your gratification. No Foul garment is the same but every garment IS gloriously Foul.

We reckon the Foul Fashion range is perfect for birthdays, holidays, festivals, the golf course, fundraising events or stag weekends. You could always use the full range of foulness to avoid the annual awkward family get together and camouflage into your granny’s couch. Don’t be a fashion victim, if you’re brave enough it’s perfect for everyday wear. Flaunt your alpha characteristics and stick your middle finger up to social pressure and the high-street. Foul Fashion is also an awesome conversation initiator, let your attire do the talking (see what we did there?).

If you see anyone on the street wearing Foul Fashion, give them a wink and a wave and think of IWOOT, the fashion faux pas folks.

We always LOVE to hear feedback from you guys!  Let us know how foul you think this range is and leave a comment below. The Foul Fashion range comes in sizes Small to Extra Large. Pop over to the IWOOT website to find full size specification details.



Foul Fashion and IWOOT have come together to bring you the most unique (and foulest) competition prize ever! We’re giving 3 lucky winners the chance to win one garment each. You could win a Foul Fashion Men’s shirt, trousers or blazer. Three winners will be picked 9/03/2012 and the garments will be sent randomly. No foul play.

It’s easy to enter our competition all you have to do is click here to be sent to our competition page. Best of all it’s FREE to enter!

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