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Anti-Valentine’s | Ideas for Singletons

With love starting to fill the air and couples making plans and hunting around for the perfect Valentine’s gift idea, it can be easy to feel left out when you have no one to share the day with. However, February the 14th needn’t be a sad day and should be embraced by everyone. With that in mind, we here at IWOOT have thought up some ideas for all those singletons out there on how to make the most of the day.

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Do something different | Valentine’s Day

A special day for every couple, Valentine’s Day this year needn’t follow the generic pattern of buying roses, weird socks and dinner at whichever restaurant has a reservation left. Why not do something unique and get some Valentine’s gifts that you’ll always remember.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts | A Brief History

Originally an annual Roman festival for lovers, Valentine’s day became a Christian holiday to celebrate the legend of St. Valentine, who was thought to have been executed for performing marriage ceremonies in secret during a ban under the rule of Roman Emperor Claudius II in the third century AD. St. Valentine is thought to have died on 14th February. Whilst imprisoned awaiting his fate, it is also thought that the priest fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and signed off his final correspondence to her, “From your Valentine”. A legend was born.

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Winter Warmers

‘Frosty’, ‘damp’, ‘grey’ – ‘damn cold’. These are all words that could be used to describe the horrendous weather we all (in the northern hemisphere, at least) must endure at this time of the year. As we slowly approach February like a septuagenarian attempting to cross an icy intersection, we’re all still stuck in the depths of winter. What better time, then, to indulge in a plethora of great gift ideas to make those two ultimate winter warmers: Tea and Coffee?

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Two Birds with One Stone | Gifts for Couples

If you are struggling to find gift ideas for her, gift ideas for him, or just gift ideas in general then experience days are a unique way of showing someone you care by giving them something exciting to look forward too. On the off chance you are stuck for something to get both your parents, both your sister and brother-in-law, or some newlywed friends this Christmas, then why not give them something they can enjoy together as a couple. Maybe they would like an activity that will get the adrenaline running, soothing the stresses of everyday life or simply sampling fine wine and dining in inspiring places. Here are just some of our favourite experience days for couples.

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All I Want for Christmas | Our Favourite Gift Ideas

Only 28 sleeps ’til Christmas guys! It’s time to step up your game playing Santa and start collecting all your gifts for your loved ones. However, unlike Santa, we know finding the perfect gift can be difficult without some helpful elves, so to make your festive shopping journey a little easier we thought we’d give a shout out to some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas.

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Top 3 Summer Must Haves

Top 3 Summer Must Haves for Picnics and Barbeques! Here at IWOOT, we’ve picked out our three favourite products from our summer selection, each one ideal for an every day summer activity, such as having a picnic or barbeque! We want you to make the most out of the sunshine, which is why we’ve compiled our Top 3 so you don’t have to look far to find your new summer essential.

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New In: Space Cookie Cutters

Treat your kitchen and your loved ones to these amazing Space Cookie Cutters from Suck UK here at IWOOT, and bake them space-themed treats whenever you like! Send them to the moon with your cookie baking skills and these fun and quirky cookie cutters, sure to please yourself and your kids should they want to help you bake!

These fantastic Space Cookie Cutters can help you and your kids make 3D space ships – simply cut the cookie dough up with the cutters, then after they’ve baked and cooled, simply slot them together for a space ship that will stand up on your plate! Make an out of this world treat for all the family with the help of these Space Cookie Cutters here at IWOOT, and collect all four sets: Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy.

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Top 5 Funky Kitchen Picks!

Top 5 Funky Kitchen Picks!

Looking for a way to brighten up a dreary kitchen, or liven up your cooking? Then you need to know about our Kitchen selection at I Want One Of Those! We’ve picked our Top 5 favourite kitchen accessories to showcase what our Kitchen range really can offer, no matter what recreational activity you like to do in the kitchen. Plus, for a limited time only, we’re offering 15% off when you use discount code KIT15! Click here to see our Kitchen range!

1. Dig Ins Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Dig Ins Cookie Cutters are delightful dino-shaped treats. These cutters are absolutely perfect for the baking aficionado of the household, and are sure to make any delicious tasting cookie even tastier! Inject a little bit more fun into baking with these ingenious little cutters, and maybe even get the younger members of the family involved. No child can resist baking a rawring cookie treat!

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Food envy: Angry Birds cupcakes

Could someone please make the IWOOT team some of these please:

We can’t get enough of these fuming fowls whether it’s on the iPhone or the cuddly, all most real-life versions, but having seen these cupcakes (check out all the other attempts on Google: search ‘Angry Birds cupcakes’) we’re now partially obsessed with eating a cupcake with an Angry Bird on it.

angry birds cupcake

angry birds

angry birds

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