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Inside Out Exclusive SDCC Funko POP’s

We are sure you have already watched Disney’s ‘Inside Out’, if not, where have you been?! It is a brilliant film! Don’t worry this is a no spoiler zone!

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bb-8 sphero

The cute droid from the new Star Wars movie might be in your home earlier than you think…

Sphero, the company behind one of our favourite geeky toys of the past couple of years, have been revealed as the creators of the absolutely adorable spherical robot in the new Star Wars film teaser trailers.

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Sidney Poitier

Whose Birthday is it Today? | Top Birthday Gifts

Any given day on any given week will be the birthday of someone famous. This week, we at IWOOT have decided to show you five famous actors and directors born this week, and hope to provide you with some great films as birthday gift ideas that you can use throughout the year! For another great blog post on film, check out Justine’s piece on Perfect Valentines Movies.

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Anti-Valentine’s | Ideas for Singletons

With love starting to fill the air and couples making plans and hunting around for the perfect Valentine’s gift idea, it can be easy to feel left out when you have no one to share the day with. However, February the 14th needn’t be a sad day and should be embraced by everyone. With that in mind, we here at IWOOT have thought up some ideas for all those singletons out there on how to make the most of the day.

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The Dark Knight Rises…only took him four years. NEW IN statues, perfect for any bat fan

The Dark Knight has returned, out in cinemas TODAY! It took him four years to get here and we can hardly believe it’s been seven years since Batman Begun (Begins- whatever.)The Dark Knight, the third and final part of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy has been considered the most anticipated film of the sequel, at nearly three hours it’s the longest film of the three. The first hour is spent tying up a few loose ends from the last film. One review reads “It might also contain the best movie ending in recent memory.” The suspense is killing us. We propose an IWOOT team trip to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ immediately. You can cope without us for 164 minutes, right?

So…onto the good stuff. We’re about to show you every damn thing you can buy for The Dark Knight Rises… all the stuff we could get our grubby little hands on anyway. Unveiled at the Toy Fair 2012 we bring you Dark Knight Rises figurines. Available in Bane, Batman and Cat woman the BRAND NEW highly detailed statues capture the likeness of the characters like they’ve just stepped out of the film. (We know a few guys in the office that wouldn’t mind if Anne Hathaway jumped out of the screen.) Ranging from £69.99 to £109.99 these busts, 1:6 and 1:12 scale statues are perfect for any bat man. Ooops we mean bat fan. Check them out here:



Here’s what happens…for those of you that don’t like a spoiler- look away now.

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Jim Gordon has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dent’s crimes. At a function celebrating Dent, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction of a senator from the function, Gordon’s speech falls into the hands of terrorist leader Bane. Gordon is shot in the process, and he promotes patrol officer John Blake to detective, allowing Blake to report directly to him.

As Batman has disappeared from Gotham City, so too has Bruce Wayne, locking himself inside Wayne Manor. Wayne Enterprises is crumbling after he invested in a clean energy project designed to harness fusion power, but shut the project down after learning that the core could be modified to become a nuclear weapon. Bruce suspects that his business rival, John Daggett, has employed Bane to aid in an aggressive take-over of the company. When he attempts to intervene in an attack on the city’s stock exchange, Bruce comes into conflict with Alfred Pennyworth over his plans to return to the streets of the city as Batman. Alfred finally admits that Rachel Dawes chose to marry Dent, and leaves Bruce’s service in an attempt to convince him that he can no longer be Batman.

Following a trail left by cat burglar Selina Kyle, Batman confronts Bane, who says that he assumed the leadership of the League of Shadows following the death of Ra’s al Ghul. Bane kills Daggett and reveals that he was using Daggett’s construction firms to stage a heist on Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Science Division. He steals Bruce’s arsenal before crippling Batman and detaining him in a prison from which escape is virtually impossible. The other inmates relate the story of the only person to ever successfully escape from the prison, a child driven by necessity and the sheer force of will.

Bane lures the Gotham police department underground and sets off a chain of explosions across the city, trapping the officers underground and turning Gotham City into an isolated city-state. Any attempt to leave the city will result in the detonation of the Wayne Enterprises fusion core, which has been converted into a bomb. Addressing the citizens, Bane reveals the cover-up of Dent’s death, and releases the prisoners locked up under the Dent Act. The rich and powerful are dragged from their homes and put before a show trial presided over by Jonathan Crane, where they are given the choice between death or exile, and the city further regresses into a state of anarchy. After an attempt to sneak Special Forces soldiers into the city disguised as aid workers ends with the soldiers hung from a bridge for the world to see, the government blockades Gotham.

Meanwhile, Bruce retrains himself to be Batman and successfully escapes Bane’s prison to return to Gotham. He enlists Selina, Blake, and Lucius Fox’s help in liberating the people of the city and stopping the fusion bomb. Batman confronts Bane, but Miranda Tate intervenes as she reveals herself to be Talia al Ghul. It was she, not Bane, who escaped the prison as a child, and Bane was permanently scarred as he tried to help her. Gordon successfully cuts off the bomb’s ability for remote detonation and Selina kills Bane, allowing Batman to chase Talia. He tries to force her to take the bomb to the fusion chamber, where it can be stabilized, but she remotely floods the chamber. Batman shoots her truck off the road and she dies in the resulting crash, confident that the bomb cannot be stopped. Using a helicopter developed by Fox, Batman hauls the bomb beyond the city limits, where it detonates over the ocean.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the world believes Batman to be dead and Bruce to have been one of the casualties of the riot. As his estate is divided up, Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina together alive in a cafe in Italy, while Blake inherits the Batcave.



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Win a Kung Fu Panda 2 Goody Bag and Tickets

It’s been three years since the awesome Po the Panda hit the silver screen and tried to bring peace to his land in ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Well now he’s back with a double dose of awesomeness.

To celebrate the release of Kung Fu Panda 2 we’ve got a really cool bundle of film merchandise to give away plus 4 tickets to Pandamonium in the Park in July for one lucky winner. For a chance to win just answer this question as a comment below the post:

Giant Panda’s live in the Bamboo forests of which country?

The goody bag includes the following:

3D Movie Guide
Colouring Book
Mini Board Book
Story Activity book with Stickers
The Novel
The Official Handbook
Window Shade
Paper Lantern
Po Towel Door Hanger

Plus a family ticket to Pandamonium in the Park*, a day-long event, organised by Sainsbury’s and DreamWorks Animation, guaranteed to entertain the whole family; you’ll meet Po, the star of the film, enjoy an outdoor concert by the esteemed composers from the movie, Hans Zimmer and John Powell and discover a world of Chinese culture including shows by The Chen brothers who are Chinese Lion Dance Champions and the Shaolin Monks, stilt walkers, Chinese kite fliers, martial art demonstrations, face painters, calligraphers and more. This event is held near Northampton and a family ticket is worth £45**.

kung fu panda 2

Competition ends 20th June 2011. One winner will be picked and notified shortly after this date. Open to UK residents only.
*SAINSBURY’S ‘PANDAMONIUM IN THE PARK’ EVENT at Althorp Estate, Saturday July 9th from 11.30am to 6.30pm. Purchase tickets to the event from Sainsbury’s here:
**Family ticket includes 2 adult and 2 child tickets. Travel costs are not included in the prize.

More about the movie: Po fulfilled his dream of becoming dragon warrior and protecting his peaceful homeland in the first movie, so what could possibly go wrong in Kung Fu Panda 2? Villains, that’s what! A fearsome baddie plans to conquer china and rid the world of Kung Fu and it’s down to Po to find inner strength to stop him. In cinemas from June 10th (Cert. PG), the latest movie from DreamWorks features a huge array of celebrity voices including Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu and many more.

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Star Wars Augmented Reality on iPhone

It was only a matter of time before some addled nerd managed to wrangle TIE fighters into the New York skyline, and boy howdy have they done a good job of it:

Basically, this is from a forthcoming game entitled ‘Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner’ that will be playable on iPhone, using its camera lens to form the backdrop for your intergalactic dogfight. Clever, that. If the New York skyline in the video isn’t cool enough for you, then imagine how it’d look if you aimed your lens at the night sky, or in a forest. Or, y’know, in the bath or something. I don’t know, use your imagination.

Via The Wall. Which is nice, obviously.

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Win a 32" TV to celebrate 'Brooklyn's Finest' on DVD!

To celebrate the release of the rather excellent ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’, we’re giving a 32″ TV away – and we’ve also got 10 DVDs of the film as well for some lucky runners up. And if you don’t like the idea of either a huge TV or Richard Gere in serious-mode, then heck, we don’t know what to do with you. Enough rambling, simply read the following po-faced plot synopsis (no spoilers, don’t worry) and answer the question below.

“From the director of Training Day comes Brooklyn’s Finest, a slick urban drama set in the morally ambiguous world of the New York police force. Burned out cop, Eddie (Richard Gere) is just one week away from retirement, whilst drugs officer Sal (Ethan Hawke) is realizing there’s no line he won’t cross to provide a better life for his family.

Meanwhile, Clarence “Tango” Butler (Don Cheadle) has been undercover so long that he feels a closer allegiance to infamous drug dealer Caz (Wesley Snipes) than he does to the force.

All three cops find themselves hurtling towards the same crime scene on one fatal night in this tense, edge of your seat thriller.”

And the question…

Who plays Eddie?

1. Don Cheadle
2. Ethan Hawk
3. Richard Gere

Of course, the real question should be ‘why on earth is Wesley Snipes playing someone called ‘Caz’?’, but that’s by-the-by. Hang on, Ethan Hawke plays someone called ‘Sal’ as well – what’s going on in this film?! Send your answers to to be in with a chance by November 14th and good luck!

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Star Destroyer Umbrella

Star Wars-related paraphernalia is by no means new (much to the delight of George Lucas’ bank balance), but this incredible design has, shockingly, yet to join the galaxy of merchandise. It is, as you can see, an umbrella fashioned to look like an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The potential manufacturers/designers behind the idea maintain that this will work as well as a normal umbrella, but of course has the distinct advantage of being unbelievably cool. Certainly a lot cooler than George Lucas, anyhow. Honestly, anyone who thinks it’s OK to have his haircut beamed in from 1938 and then extol the virtues of futuristic design and digital technology needs to have a serious think about style.

Rain, may you fall upon the forest moon of Endor, the ice planet Hoth and the dual-sunned wastelands of Tatooine until the funding for this product becomes available.

Via some brainiacs at One More Gadget.

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The Empire Strikes Back Trailer 'Premake'

Some incredible nerd-ery for you today. A band of brainy sorts have compiled a whole host of archive sci-fi footage and turned it into a surprisingly convincing false trailer for what The Empire Strikes Back (officially the world’s best sequel) might have looked like had it been released in the kitsch sci-fi style of the 50s.

So what other modern-day Hollywood classics would benefit from the Premake treatment? Off the top of my head, I’d go for ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, ‘The War Of The Worlds’, ‘Planet Of The Apes’ and ‘Godzilla’. Hang on…

Via Geekologie. Well done chaps.

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