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Three Kitchen-ware accessories for a great summer party

The months are getting warmer now and the excuses not to get out the barbecue and deck chairs out are starting to run thin. You no longer need to go out to the same old restaurants, cafes and shopping centres to have a good time, the summer months bring with them – hopefully - the good weather, meaning sitting in your garden can be a cheap and easy pastime.

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3 perfect birthday gift ideas for the 21st century traveller

Today, it is not uncommon to travel for the best part of the year, whether it’s for work, a gap year or simply a string of long weekends away. Even more popular traits of the 21st century lifestyle, are long commutes to work, travelling from meeting to meeting and spending the weekends walking around cities.

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tipsy wine glass

A Life of Wine | Short History of the Alcoholic Beverage

The entire written history of humanity is also a history of humans getting drunk. Indeed the history of drinking alcohol extends back to at least the early Neolithic period (around 10,000 BC), as attested to by the discovery of beer jugs from towards the end of the Stone Age. Before I look at some products to augment your modern-day merriment, let’s take a brief look at the history of alcohol.

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Do something different | Valentine’s Day

A special day for every couple, Valentine’s Day this year needn’t follow the generic pattern of buying roses, weird socks and dinner at whichever restaurant has a reservation left. Why not do something unique and get some Valentine’s gifts that you’ll always remember.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts | A Brief History

Originally an annual Roman festival for lovers, Valentine’s day became a Christian holiday to celebrate the legend of St. Valentine, who was thought to have been executed for performing marriage ceremonies in secret during a ban under the rule of Roman Emperor Claudius II in the third century AD. St. Valentine is thought to have died on 14th February. Whilst imprisoned awaiting his fate, it is also thought that the priest fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and signed off his final correspondence to her, “From your Valentine”. A legend was born.

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Winter Warmers

‘Frosty’, ‘damp’, ‘grey’ – ‘damn cold’. These are all words that could be used to describe the horrendous weather we all (in the northern hemisphere, at least) must endure at this time of the year. As we slowly approach February like a septuagenarian attempting to cross an icy intersection, we’re all still stuck in the depths of winter. What better time, then, to indulge in a plethora of great gift ideas to make those two ultimate winter warmers: Tea and Coffee?

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Give Us a Hug | Cosy Times

In case you didn’t already know, it is International Hug day today so make sure you give your loved ones a massive hug if you haven’t already done so. Originating from Michigan US in 1986, this great day celebrates the embrace of two people who care for each other, be it your mum, your closest friend or the family dog (not quite a person we know, but family all the same).

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Got To Be In It To Win It | Suck UK

Suck UK is a British born gifting brand renowned for embracing the creation of quirky gifts ideas and original home accessories. This brand relishes in offering a range of products injected with stylish humour, which in turn offers a vast product range that can appeal to almost everyone!

With Christmas just around the corner we teamed up with Suck UK to bring YOU the opportunity to win big. During December last year we ran competition for you to win a whopping £1600 worth of gifts. With every competition there is a lucky winner and Nicci from Dunkinfield in Cheshire struck gold when she entered our competition.

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New Year Picks | Buyers’ Top 10

With Christmas done and dusted, now it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for all those Capricorns and Aquarians, whilst not forgetting to get yourself ready for Valentine’s Day! If, however, you are free from having to gift hunt for a few months, then perhaps it is about time you treated yourself to something new and exciting for the New Year? Is your living room due a bit of interior design re-vamp? Do you have some tired looking utensils in your kitchen that desperately need replacing? Our busy buyers have taken some time out of their schedules to hand pick their top 10 products, items they themselves have their eyes on for a little New Year treat!

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Rocking Around the Christmas Tree | Party Essentials

With the ultimate party season upon us it’s about time to make sure you have everything you need to throw the biggest get together of the year. Whether you are having an intimate party with close friends, or throwing a massive do for everyone and their neighbour, here at IWOOT we have listed our must haves to ensure your festive celebrations are unbeatable.

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