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This month’s review winner…

Have you bought anything from recently? Did you review your product? You could be £100 richer. You’re probably aware that each month, we look through each and every product review and pick our favourite. We then award the winner with £100 worth of IWOOT vouchers. Yes, that’s right, £100 to spend on IWOOT.

So, ladies and gentleman (drum roll please…) this month’s review winner comes from Cindy. Congratulations Cindy! Check out her review below:

“I bought the Pickmaster Plectrum as a present for a 14 year old boy who loves his guitar but is always losing plectrums. Now he is searching for suitable materials to use as plectrums and has made a variety of personalised plectrums. He’s suddenly very popular at music class and has started his own business selling plectrums to other kids! A brilliant product.”

Our only question is…What percentage cut do we get from this plectrum business, hmm?!

Buy your Pickmaster Plectrum here



To leave a review just click on your favourite product and scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a link.




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“WIN a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi!!!” And the winner is…

It’s not that long ago, you’ll remember over the past few weeks we have been running a competition to WIN a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi. All you had to do was visit and review your favourite product.

The competition closed TODAY and we’ve waded through alllll your reviews and chosen our favourite one. So before we announce the lucky winner, we’d like to say a great, big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and leave a review. Anyway, enough of that gushy stuff; drum roll please…

Congratulations to LB7 (we’re still awaiting an email confirmation of their real name) who reviewed the iTek iRise Tower Speaker, check out their amazeballs review below…

“I went round in circles reading reviews about speaker towers and I was still left unsure which one to buy, so I plumped for the ITEK iRise Tower Speaker and boy is it good quality! The sound quality is superb; volume can be pumped up really loud to fill the house or garden (as well as perfect quality when set at a quiet volume). The remote makes it really handy and the charging time for my iPhone is so fast. It’s smart, sleek, powerful and seems really sturdy. If you’re looking for a negative, the only fault I could find is the lack of hand holds for moving it but the subwoofer (I think that’s what it is) on the back makes a handy hole to lift it up with. If you’re looking for a tower look no further – order one of these!”

Hey! If this isn’t your review DON’T fret, each month we run a review competition to WIN a £100 IWOOT gift voucher! All you have to do is leave a review at the bottom of your favourite product’s page and you will be automatically entered into the monthly prize draw to win. It could be your time to shine next month…

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QUICK! WIN a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi!!! (Enter before 25/09/12)

What would you do for £100? 

Ever fancied being the proud owner of a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi?  Here is your chance to WIN! All you need to do is leave a review on any IWOOT product (be nice!) and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi worth £89. Simple.

Help us, help you. We want your feedback to help us expand and improve our product offering.   Just visit the page of your favourite item, scroll down the page and leave your review at the bottom. 

The best review will be chosen and the lucky reviewer will be contacted via email and congratulated on our Facebook page, on Tuesday 25th September.  Please note only product reviews will be accepted. Good luck!

Ever been indecisive? Help other customers by sharing your thoughts… 

Click here and visit your favourite product NOW


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The Hut Group dominates ‘Britain’s Best loved Digital Brands 2012’

What’s your favourite digital brand? In fact don’t answer that, we know IWOOT is waaayyy up there. Well BrandLove25 obviously have a lorra, lorra love for The Hut Group this year as the group  brands dominate the table again.

If you didn’t already know, IWOOT sits very comfortably under The Hut Group, the UK’s leading, multi-website online retailer. The Hut Group launched in 2004 and acquired a range of retail sites, entering entertainment and fashion in 2009,  gifting and health & beauty in 2010 and sports nutrition in 2011.

My Protien,   IWOOT , Zavvi , Lookfantastic  and The Hut all appear in this year’s table, with MyProtien having presented the biggest move from last year shooting up from position 13 to position 6! Iwantonofthose have not disappointed (like we ever would!) with 5 moves up from last year in No.11 spot. move up 2 positions from last year into No.14, Lookfantastic appear on the list for the first time in position 20 and appear also appear on the list for the first time in the No.21 spot. Not bad going eh?


This year Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram have been added to the algorithm and the brands that have jumped on these early have seen success. We presume you’re following us on Pinterest, if not you know what to do… (Click and follow us immediately, if you were slow on the uptake there!)


We wanted to give a massive virtual hug and a big, fat thank you to all our loyal customers for their continued support… (que emotional IWOOT speech) We’ll spare you the rest!


Best Loved Digital Brands

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Wish I'd Thought of That: Folding Plug Wins Design Award

New Boffin on the Block Min-Kyu Choi has won the highest accolade a this year’s Brit Insurance Design Awards (do you think that sometimes they just call them The Brit Awards to try and make themselves sound cooler? I do).

Anyway, Choi has cleverly managed to design a plug that will not cause intense pain if you step on it upturned. Which is a tremendous bonus. Speaking of plug-based injuries, I’ve got a scar above my left eye from when I bent down to unplug something and smacked my head on the corner of a table. I was about 6. I’ve hated plugs ever since. Can’t trust ’em.

Anyway, as this video shows, it really is a miniature marvel:

Naturally, this is the most annoying, facepalm-inducing inventions in the world because we didn’t think of it. Damn. See the full story (featuring Janet Street Porter!) at the Beeb, here.

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IWOOT Triumphs at the WOW! Awards

As customers of IWOOT you’ll all be aware of how thoroughly nice we are here, and that our customer service team is top notch. Well, watch us swell with pride as we announce that our lovely CS team has been awarded two awards at the WOW! Customer Service Awards!

We were given the award for Best On-Line Retailer and the OWW To WOW! award, which apparently means that our CS superstars are always willing to go the extra mile. Anyone who saw their cake sale will know this to be true in every facet of their work. Yum. If you click through to the awards website, you can see our very own Cass and Sally talking about the awards and why we put so much emphasis on customer service. There’s some nice emotional music in the background, too.

Our MD, Richard Wainwright-Lee, had the following to say about it:

“The WOW! awards are a great accolade since they reflect many wonderful commendations from our customers. Everyone in IWOOT tries so hard to make our customers’ shopping experience with us a great one and I should simply like to say thank you to our customers for their continuing support and encouragement.”

Seriously though, in the same way that an army marches on its stomach, IWOOT marches on its customer service team – they do us proud!

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IWOOT at the T3 and Stuff Awards

Our glamorous representative in gadgetland EllaWoot recently ‘worked extremely hard’ at some awards dos – she reports:







“The last fortnight has seen all our favourite techy magazines go into awards overdrive. First stop last week – the Stuff Awards. I had to turn myself from Ella to Cinderella in record time – here’s me in the silver frock:


The award ceremony was held at the uber-swanky Dorchester on Park Lane. The venue was awash with all my favourite tech faces. I’m a big fan of the Stuff gang so the champagne reception immediately perked up as I saw Tom Wiggins and Will Findlater, the life and soul of all good industry parties. The award categories were relevant and interesting and IWOOT were up there with the nominees for Retailer of the Year. Unfortunately pipped us to the post – but next year vote for us and we’ll hopefully be blogging with a trophy gleaming away on the mantelpiece! And what’s a party without an embarrassing episode? Cue drunk dad at a wedding-esque moves. Here’s a pic of a guest showing us his moves.

dad wedding dance

The song he was moshing to… ‘Wild Thing’… ’nuff said!

Last night I took myself off to the T3 Awards. If you translate the swankiness of Park Lane into sheer cool, you’ve got the venue of the awards. A less formal dress code and dry ice made for an exciting ambience. I had a front row table with Radio 1 and Sky News and my soon-to-be-partner-in-crime, Jane from MSN (as pictured). Mike Brooke the Editor of T3 and Johnny Vaughn were the masters of ceremony and were very funny at that. Apple, Google and Sony won the lion’s share of awards and were all well-deserved with an expert panel judging each and every nominee.




Thanks to Stuff and T3 for having me along to their bashes and roll on the next party in gadgetland!”

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IWOOT Nominated for Stuff Magazine's Retailer of the Year Award.

First of all we’d like to thank the academy, our mums – without whom none of this would have been possible. . . oh wait. We haven’t actually won anything yet. But with your help we could.

We need all of you lovely people to click on the link below and proclaim your undying love for IWOOT. Well, not quite – but voting for us to win the award would be a lovely gesture.

Click here to vote.  Sorry IWOOT fans, voting now closed!

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