It seems that dads across the UK could do with cheering up this Father’s Day… a poll of 3,000 customers of gift and gadget experts iwantoneofthose shows that, out of a shortlist of celebrities, almost a quarter of respondents revealed that their dad was most like Top Gear’s lovable grumpster Jeremy Clarkson. And he’s not the only grumpy old man to make a mark in the survey – following closely behind in second place was Victor ‘I don’t believe it’ Meldrew.

The leading gadget e-tailer conducted the search in time for Father’s Day 2009, in a bid to paint a picture of the nation’s dads. Only 3% of those polled said that their dads were most like the super-cool Keith Richards – less even than the 4% of respondents who claimed their dad was most like the Dark Lord of the universe, Darth Vader! However, with cheeky Cockney chappie Del Boy Trotter stealing the number three slot, the survey shows that not all dads are miserable.

The survey also revealed some of the habits of UK dads, and it seems like most of them have got more time for moaning than they have for their chores… When asked what their dads do most at home, a whopping 31% said that pops would most likely be ‘shouting at the television’, compared with 18% who responded ‘mowing the lawn’ or the paltry 9% who answered ‘washing the car’. They also like to get away from it all, with another 31% most likely to be ‘tinkering about in the tool shed’.

The survey also reveals that some dads are still pretty old school when it comes to their attitudes to the housework: a shocking 27% of dads clean the house once a year or less. Reassuringly though, a saintly 28% clean the house every day, and another 28% clean up at least once a week. (To the 17% who never do any cleaning – shame on you…). And when it comes to exactly what domestic chores dads are prepared to do, 32% will get their hands dirty and do the washing up but only 7% of respondents said that they’d be likely to find dad behind the ironing board.

“Modern man might have evolved over time, with the emergence of the metrosexual, retrosexual, et al… but it seems that dads are a little more set in their ways,” says Tim Booth, Creative Director at IWOOT. ‘We thought that our survey might see dads challenging the stereotype, but if anything, they’ve affirmed it. Many of us still think our dads are typical grumpy old men, who love their sheds and don’t like housework… and they’re just as lovable all the same.

Survey Highlights:

  • A quarter of respondents revealed that their dad is most like Jeremy Clarkson
  • Only 3% of respondents said that their dad is like Keith Richards
  • 31% said that dad was most likely to spend his free time ‘shouting at the television’ compared with 18% who responded ‘mowing the lawn’
  • 27% of dads clean the house once a year or less
  • 32% of dads will do the washing up but only 7% will do the ironing

Many thanks to Beam Agency for making the survey happen.

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